Wisdom Tooth Extractions – Portland, OR

When It’s Time to Remove Your Third Molars

Man covering mouth in pain before wisdom tooth extractions

Your wisdom teeth, or third molars as we sometimes call them, may have served a purpose in a time when people were more likely to lose teeth at a relatively young age. But nowadays, wisdom teeth are not necessary for your mouth to function properly, and they can cause more harm than good if the mouth isn’t large enough for them to erupt. To protect your healthy teeth from potentially harmful wisdom teeth, call our dental office today and let us know about your concerns and discuss your options for wisdom tooth extractions in Portland, OR.

Why Choose Sup Lee Dental for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

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When is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Really Necessary?

Woman holding cheek in pain before wisdom tooth extractions

Many people think that wisdom teeth have to be removed at a certain age no matter what, but actually it is sometimes possible for the wisdom teeth to stay in the mouth if they don’t cause any problems. An extraction is recommended when there’s a serious problem, such as:

  • The wisdom teeth are completely impacted under the gums, causing pain and possibly leading to infection.
  • The wisdom teeth have only partially emerged through the gums, making them hard to clean and raising your risk for gum disease in oral infection.
  • The wisdom teeth are crowding or damaging your other teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction After-Care

Dentist and patient reviewing x-rays before wisdom tooth extractions

Right after your extraction, a gauze pad will be placed over the surgical area to stop any bleeding. A blood clot will form over the wound area; avoid rinsing, drinking through a straw, or anything else that might dislodge it. Take pain medication as directed when experiencing discomfort, and plan on resting for at least a day. Plan your diet around soft and liquid foods, and make sure you chew away from the surgical sites.